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While some servicers make you think that your Yield Maintenance penalties are set in stone that is not always the case. Email us today at to find out how we can potential save you thousands of dollars.

Use our Yield Maintenance calculator to quickly calculate your commercial mortgage prepayment penalty or contact us for a free analysis.

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Penalty Calculation

Yield Maintenance Consultants will review the penalty calculations, confirm the payoff amounts and negotiate any possible reductions in penalties.

Servicer Interaction

Finding the correct contacts at each Servicer is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and finding someone quickly is nearly impossible. YMC has built long-term relationships with every Servicer in the country and will deal with yours so you don't have to.

Guaranteed Timing

Yield Maintenance requires a rigid and specific timeline. Notice needs to be provided and payoff must be executed on a set date. With Yield Maintenance Consultants you guarantee yourself that these requirements are met.